Flashback Friday: NMHS By Michaela Chu


Flashback back to NMHS in the 1990’s!

Hard to believe but at one point in time New Milford High School didn’t have any computers. Many computer rooms, like room 336 and 337, were just class rooms in the 90’s. Room 240 was always a computer lab and still to this day is.  It is one of 3.

Back in the 90’s NMHS did not provide their students with the charging stations we have today.

Today we are so used to having a phone in the classroom but every classrooms’ phone was connected back up to the speaker/clock. So everyone in the classroom would hear what you were talking about on the phone.

The cafeteria is still exactly the same. Same tables, same chairs, same stage, even the same food.

The Lance existed back then, except it was printed out on paper instead of being on the internet. Today everything that we have on the internet was on paper back in the 90’s! Crazy, right! Today who could imagine anything NOT being on the internet.

Today in some classes the teachers encourage students to use their smart phone. (Only for educational purposes.)

Online homework like study island didn’t exist. Who would LOVE to not have study island exist?!  I wish I was back in NMHS when Study Island wasn’t even thought of! That would be wonderful and less stressful for me.

Many things have changed, but have also stayed the same within the school. It’s still filled with great administrators and teachers that do great at their job! Along, with the killer school spirit that still lives within the high school!



Midterm Problems by Marcia Silverio

Midterms are less than a week away for New Milford High School students which means it’s time to buckle down and study. The question is, have students reviewed their study guides with teachers? Have students even received a study guide yet? The school and teachers want us to study hard and they want us to do well. The big problem is we only get one day to review with many teachers who made or helped make the test.

For some subjects it’s alright to have only one day to review, such as English or History. On your own you should be able to review a book with the notes that you should have taken when you were originally reading the book. A subject like Math or Science can be a bit more difficult.

In the subjects Math or Science, if you don’t understand how to do something, it can be very confusing and complicated. Those subjects require teachers to explain steps and different methods to achieve the correct answers.

Picture a classroom of 22 students. Each student in that class has a different question for a different problem. You can imagine that 48 minutes of class time is just not enough.

Most teachers will stay on track with their normal teaching routine for the week, which does not help students. Midterms start on January 30th and review day is January 29th. A majority of students feel that with only one day to review with teachers they will not be ready for midterms.

Because of this students should make sure to go to extra help as much as possible to get the studying they need done. Even if it is for 15 minutes or an hour, it will help you and prepare you.