Flashback Friday: NMHS By Michaela Chu


Flashback back to NMHS in the 1990’s!

Hard to believe but at one point in time New Milford High School didn’t have any computers. Many computer rooms, like room 336 and 337, were just class rooms in the 90’s. Room 240 was always a computer lab and still to this day is.  It is one of 3.

Back in the 90’s NMHS did not provide their students with the charging stations we have today.

Today we are so used to having a phone in the classroom but every classrooms’ phone was connected back up to the speaker/clock. So everyone in the classroom would hear what you were talking about on the phone.

The cafeteria is still exactly the same. Same tables, same chairs, same stage, even the same food.

The Lance existed back then, except it was printed out on paper instead of being on the internet. Today everything that we have on the internet was on paper back in the 90’s! Crazy, right! Today who could imagine anything NOT being on the internet.

Today in some classes the teachers encourage students to use their smart phone. (Only for educational purposes.)

Online homework like study island didn’t exist. Who would LOVE to not have study island exist?!  I wish I was back in NMHS when Study Island wasn’t even thought of! That would be wonderful and less stressful for me.

Many things have changed, but have also stayed the same within the school. It’s still filled with great administrators and teachers that do great at their job! Along, with the killer school spirit that still lives within the high school!



Bullying, Then and Now By Malvina Giannoulis

Bullying has been something we are taught not to do since elementary school. There have been assemblies, lessons, movies, and other such things shown to us countless times over the course of many years. The whole reason we are taught these things is to treat people right and fairly, but why is it that many overlook this whole concept?

Different from what it was in elementary school or even some of middle school, bullying has changed drastically due to one thing, technology. When we were younger, bullying would be excluding a certain person from something, calling names, physical violence, and more, but now bullying is mostly based off social networking.

The reason bullying has increased, or seems to have gotten worse, is that people believe that hiding behind a screen and saying something bad about someone is a whole lot easier than saying it in person. They also think that they will have a better chance of getting away with it. However, this is even worse because once you type something and post it, no matter if you delete it or not, there is always a way to get back to it. “Teens may think that if they use a fake name they won’t get caught, but there are many ways to track someone who is cyber bullying,” reported in an online website all about cyber bullying.

A perfect example of what cyberbullying can do is the ABC Family film, Cyberbully. This is a movie about a young girl who receives her own laptop for her seventeenth birthday, then decides to join a social networking site. First, her brother hacks her account and posts false information about her, then starts rumours about her and calls her names. The situation gets worse and worse and she attempts to kill herself, failing.

If you ask around, many people have watched this movie and said it has impacted them a lot, it is one of many that involve cyberbullying. Movies like this can send such a strong message to people and make them really think about something they say or do before it is actually done. It shows that just a small joke or remark can hurt someone more than you think.

The question still is why do people bully? Some answers are unknown and some are easily found out. Maybe the person feels insecure about themselves and says bad things about other people to make them feel better. Or maybe they are bullied, so they bully others. It could be out of jealousy, wanting something they can’t have and disliking someone because they do. Whatever the reason is, there are ways to help you cope with what you are feeling instead of taking it out on others.

Bullying can affect more people than you think. “More than 1 in 3 young people have experienced cyber threats online,” reports Cyber Bullying Statistics.

Another is, “About half of young people have experienced some form of cyber bullying, and 10 to 20 percent experience it regularly.”

These facts show that bullying is real, and does happen in everyday life, not just in movies. It is most important to think before you act and take into consideration someone elses’ feelings. It is also important that if you see or witness bullying to not be afraid to speak to an adult if you think the situation is getting too severe. You could be a friend to a victim, just by comforting them while giving them advice.

Student Opinions on Gym Class By Malvina Giannoulis

What is your favorite part of the day? For many people it is gym, lunch, or their elective. To other students who have it, it might be their free period. Aside from these “classes” the rest of the student’s day consists of their core classes. These times are supposed to be laid back and a short break from the day’s work.After having a conversation with one of the other journalists, Shantelle Guinto, about gym, she remarked, “Gym? I hate gym.”

Many like gym, while others do not. For example, gym is well liked because you have many options of what you would like to do. One day you could be in the weight room, or in the upstairs gym. When the weather is nice in the spring and fall you can even go walk the track across the street from the high school.

Another great thing about gym is how there are several different sports that can be played. So far this year there has been soccer, tennis, and volleyball. If you do not like the sport you are currently playing, you always know that it will not last for the whole year.

Gym is also known as an “easy grade” because if you change every day you already are earning points. Also, if you miss a day of changing you can make up a class after school. Other than that you need to participate.  This does not mean that you have to be running around the gym, but you can’t be sitting down the entire time. If you are not the best at sports, as long as you are standing with your team and are trying to participate you will earn a good grade.

When asked what she liked about gym, Freshman Haley Weininger said, “They teach us skills we never learned in the lower schools…”

For every person who does like gym, there is an equal amount of people who do not. They can choose to opt out of the class by being involved with a sports team, or in the Bergen Performing Arts Center dance program. Those who are unable to opt out, but want to, are lucky when it is their turn to switch to health. One marking period during the year, you are required to take a health class.

There are many reasons why people dislike gym. You will find the majority of the people who do enjoy gym are involved with sports, or are very athletic. The people who dislike gym may not be as athletic and are better at other things, such as reading and math. It can also be taken very seriously at times by others, which makes playing not very fun.

Haley also stated, “I think it’s not fair at times because there are some more competitive people who really want to try while others are new to the game and want to try, but the competitive people won’t let them.”

Another reason students do not like gym is because of fitness testing, which basically means that about three times a marking period students have to take a different variety of tests. These tests consist of running a mile, doing pushups/situps, and completing the sit and reach.

Students are graded on how well they perform these tasks.  The only thing is that one student may be more flexible than another, so obviously they will do better on the sit and reach. Others may have more stamina and endurance and are able to run the mile quicker.

Gym is either enjoyed or hated, depending on the student and the activity. Gym is not for everyone and that’s okay.