FOUR Review


One Direction’s newest album, FOUR, is unlike anything they’ve done before. Prior albums have included mostly pop songs that stick in the listener’s head, but they lacked meaningful lyrics. Midnight Memories, their last album, showed signs of their growth. But it seems everything has fallen into place on this album.

FOUR includes songs that are heartfelt and meaningful. The members, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan, all wrote songs on the album. In a world where artists usually remix songs from other people, it’s refreshing for One Direction to have original pieces. And I think the originality really helps the album. The songs are from personal experiences, ones that fans, or even someone who just hears the song on the radio, can relate to.

With this album, I feel like they can escape their image. And by that, I mean people won’t just disregard them because “they’re just a boy band”. It shows another side of them, a side people who aren’t fans will like. I’m sure people will be surprised when they find out the new song they like that’s playing on the radio is sung by One Direction.


  1. Steal My Girl

2. Ready To Run

3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go

4. 18

5. Girl Almighty

6. Fool’s Gold

7. Night Changes

8. No Control

9. Fireproof

10. Spaces

11. Stockholm Syndrome

12. Clouds


Exclusive Bonus Tracks:

13. Change Your Ticket

14. Illusion

15. Once in a Lifetime

16. Act My Age


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