Underground Spotlight: CoolBoi Av by Elijah Powell


These days, EP rap projects are as weak as the small amount of songs they consist of. What an EP is supposed to be is a short but sweet collection of good music that makes you excited for the artist’s upcoming full album. It’s like an appetizer for a meal, but the problem is that most rappers only provide a light snack. Fortunately, the same cannot be said about CoolBoi Av’s latest release: the Now Until Forever EP.


The 24-year-old Jersey City native created this EP with the intentions of putting forth his best work that would be timeless for telling his story. Truly a product of New Jersey, CoolBoi Av’s project emcompasses his many experiences in the Garden State that influenced his attitude towards life. Reaching success and omitting all excuses for not doing so is a mentality I could definitely relate to, myself being raised in Jersey, the state many outsiders write off as an easy place to grow up in. Av said, “Jersey made me tougher and molded me into the person and artist I am now.” It’s just like what he raps on the EP’s final song 90’s Dream: “I see there’s no better time/ than the present to present what my mind has molded/ keep in mind this was my king dream imagine my plan in motion when my eyes are open.”


The song that stands out the most on the EP is Mighty Dolla. The instrumental is a modern take on an old piano sample used by many hip hop producers during the nineteen-nineties, and the lyrics relay a dark but truthful message concerning the greed money can harbor in people, as well as money’s effect on society. This was refreshing to hear in this era where most rappers promote the worship money.


“The message I’m trying to give to my listeners is just always be yourself. I was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. We’re a part of the top five most dangerous cities in the state, so it could be easy for me to talk about clapping guns, selling drugs or whatever but that’s not who I am. I came from that environment and that’s not the route I choose to go. Even though if I did the city might love it. I feel the people that do support my music do so because they know this is really who I am,” says Av of his project’s directive. Nothing short of exceptional.

All in all, this was an EP superior to most and I applaud CoolBoi Av for taking an unorthodox  approach. I give the EP an 7.9 out of 10.


You can stream Now Until Forever here:




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