Dear Mom


Dear Mom,

This blog to commemorate our mothers has to be one of the most challenging pieces I’ve written. To acknowledge everything you’ve done for me and our family is impossible because there is no way that I can remember all of the sacrifices you’ve made, all the annoyances (from me mostly) that you so calmly deal with.

Back when you were signing me up for T-ball, soccer, and whatever else I wanted to play, I didn’t realize that you were adding more to your endless to-do list. I know these sports I did as a kid may not seem like a big deal, but it just meant that you had to buy me all my equipment, drive me to all my practices, to all my games, which you sat and watched me, no matter what more important matters were going on. There was no question that you would be at my games, but it meant the world to me. In my early soccer days I would want to be the star of the game just because I knew you were watching. As much as I enjoyed hearing Dad yelling, or talking strategy with me if there was a pause in a game, all it took was for a simple smile or wave from you that let me know you were cheering me on. These are the little things that kept me going as a kid, the little things that relaxed me on the field. As I got older, as the games got more competitive, I knew that I could still count on you to be there. My mentality changed, I wanted to play as best I could so you could proudly say “That’s my son”.

Ever since those days, that has been what I lived for. I want to make you proud to say that you’re my mother. No matter what I did, No matter what I will do, will be to make you proud. It doesn’t matter how difficult, because that is the least I can do for the last 18 years of your sacrifice, 18 years of love, and 18 years of you making me the person I am today. I know it may have been tough, being your third child, but if I learned anything from my life on this Earth is that you are strong. You are the only woman I know who can be as tough as nails but still have a sweet, loving side to her.

I just hope I can become a man, who in your eyes, is an honorable and caring man. I attribute any success in my life to you, and will continue to do that for the rest of my life.

I love you Mom,



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