Where Are They Now?: Bayron Rodriguez By: Mohamad Hashash


At this time last year, Bayron Rodriguez was sitting in the same seat as I am today, writing and taking photos for New Milford High School’s “The Lance.” Since then, Rodriguez has graduated high school and has started working on his future.

In the fall, he will be attending Bergen Community College. Rodriguez is also currently working in retail.

Rodriguez gave some insight on his current life since leaving The Lance:

“I am no longer writing. As for photography, it is still my major hobby and passion. I enjoy it very much and I sometimes work as an assistant for a professional photographer. It is definitely my major interest.”

As for the further future, Rodriguez says:

“I just want my photos to be out there for everyone to see what I see when I take a picture. When it comes to an occupation, I do not like the idea of a boss, so I hope to have my own studio where I am in control of things.”

He was a hard worker for “The Lance,” and he is still a hard worker now, as Rodriguez’s future definitely looks bright. His writing days may be over, but his talent is not.


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