Where Are They Now? – Alysia Kane: By Amanda Krause


When I first joined The Lance staff back in September, I constantly visited the Staff Central section of the site to read past stories and get ideas of how the site was run. While the award-winning stories and staff of the 2012-13 school year were extremely impressive, one member of The Lance stood out.

Current NMHS sophomore Alysia Kane was a prominent member of last year’s staff of The Lance. Working both for the analytics team and later serving as the editor in chief, Kane was crucial to the success of the first year of the online newspaper.

Upon reading some of Alysia’s stories, I was immediately impressed by the quality work of such a young writer. While readers can easily see her natural talent in writing, Kane notes the hard work it took to reach her potential.

“In the beginning, Mrs. Groff literally had to push me out the door so I would go do interviews,” explains Kane of her first time interviewing people. “First I had to interview Mrs. Tambuscio, then Mr. Sheninger, and eventually Mr. Polizzi, so Mrs. Groff seriously had to push me out the door and close it behind me.”

While Kane’s first interviewing attempts clearly made her nervous, Kane is still thankful for the experience.

“[Interviewing people] definitely improved my skills to speak in front of people,” states Kane. “I’ve been more comfortable talking to people that I never usually talk to.”

Just as helpful as interviews to Kane was the actual writing of articles. Not only did she make great achievements in her Digital Journalism class, but Kane also found writing in all of her classes to be much easier.

“[Writing for The Lance] also helped with writing because it’s a different form of writing than say, creative or what not. I’m in Creative Writing now so I can kind of compare it.”

After seeing how much Kane enjoyed her time writing for The Lance, I was extremely curious to find out what her future plans for high school and college entail.

“I’m in stage crew, I’ve been in yearbook club since last year, and I’m in MSG Varsity,” states Kane of her current activities. “For hobbies, I love video games, so I’m constantly playing video games when I’m at home.”

Thankfully for readers of Kane’s work, Alysia fully intends on including journalism in her senior year/college plans.

“Senior year, I’m planning on taking Digital Journalism II,” states Kane. “[For college], I’m thinking of going into graphic design, or maybe photojournalism; More of those types of careers. That’s why I’m taking intro to Graphic Arts next year.”

As we can see, Alysia certainly has a lot on her plate. Between balancing three clubs, school work, and still finding time for her hobbies, it’s great to see so much motivation in such a young student. While it may be another year until Kane finally writes for The Lance once again, make sure to read her older stories, and continue to check back to The Lance to find out when she will return.


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