Flashback Friday Toys by Lauren Guzman


Let’s get nostalgic here, anyone else remember Hit Clips? How about Moon ShoesEasy Bake Oven? Nowadays you can give a kid an iPad and they’ll sit there playing Angry Bird for hours. I remember the great toys from our generation. Flashing back to all the toys I had as a kid really brings back some crazy memories. Especially now that kids have traded up Nintendos for iPads. But lets just take a minute to go back in time for a minute. We are the kids of the ‘90s and ‘00s. Our life was simpler then and being amused meant skipping for endless hours on our driveways with Skip-It, or jumping around in our Moon Shoes, or baking tiny foods in our Easy Bake Ovens.

Seriously, how amazing were the toys? I remember I had a billion and one Furby’s. I remember my “iPod” being in the shape of a small radio with clips of popular songs (yes, I’m talking about Hit Clips). But c’mon we can’t forget the Spice Girls Barbies, or the Gak. OMG! Wait! Remember Tamagotchi’s? So many memories are flushing back into my mind. I remember trading Pokemon cards for candy in my school playground. Is that enough nostalgia for you?

I think I can name a few more memorable toys that sculpted our generation. Does anyone else remember twisting and pulling and tapping a Bop It with friends? The anticipation of turning and smashing all the knobs before the timer ran out?  Holy sh**! What about Plastic Balloons? Of course, I was never able to blow one up without it tearing first, but they were still a fun time!

Socker Boppers. Need I say more? All the fun of beating your sibling up without actually leaving any bruises as evidence (my personal favorite), but nothing beats the Slip N’ Slide. Inviting my friends over during the summer to play with my Slip N’ Slide was definitely a memory I won’t ever forget. These were all the best toys of my childhood, and hopefully they brought you back to simpler times as a kid with some pretty awesome toys. Til next time!


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