Flashback Friday: Soccer Uniforms By Anthony Zurita


A flashback to soccer jerseys can be very interesting. There are hardly any soccer jerseys from the 1990s that are appealing to the eye. In fact, it’s more like you wonder why anyone would design this, let alone make it the uniform for their team. If I could describe 1990s soccer jerseys in a few sentences, I would say that designers tried to fit as many different colors on one jersey as they could.

In 1995, FC Barcelona had one of the worst football jerseys I’ve ever seen. It features a thick light and dark blue lines in no particular order or seemingly logical design, and has bits of red here and there. I have absolutely no clue what was going on there.


In 1990, The Australian national soccer team had jerseys that featured bits of orange, green, and yellow. It is understandable that the designers were going for a palm or leaf design, but it is also understandable that it looks like it is an abstract drawing done by a 6 year old. australia-home-shirt-1991-s_2081_1

Now those previously mentioned jerseys were pretty awful but I must say that the VFL Bochum jersey of 1997 wins the grand prize as most hideous jersey of the 1990s. I understand many others had poor designs and color combinations, but this jersey is one of the most confusing and terrifying things I have ever see. The jersey is half blue, and half rainbow. That’s right, rainbow. It starts at the shoulder with red and ends around the stomach with purple like any other rainbow. But then the rest of the space is white. So it would be more accurate to say that the the jersey is one half blue, one quarter rainbow, and one quarter white. The proportions don’t really matter, this jersey is an absolute disaster.


To all soccer fans, life may be tough, but at least the world’s players do not wear the unsightly jerseys they wore in the 90s.

To see more hideous jerseys not just from the 90s, check this out: http://www.shortlist.com/style/wardrobe/50-worst-football-kits-ever#gallery-item-8


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