Flashback Friday: Sneaker Stalker By Nicholas Gallo


During the 1990’s, Michael Jordan completely revolutionized the sneaker game. Before Jordan, basketball players used to just wear all white sneakers. Upon the debut of the Air Jordan 1 in 1985, the sneaker game was from then on transformed and would only continue to enhance exponentially.

The Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” was Jordan’s first signature shoe. This is the sneaker that started it all. Jordan wore this pair in a game and was fined for $5,000 per game due to violating the NBA’s policy of “uniformity of uniform.” The fine did not get in his way as he proved himself to the world and dominated the league as a rookie. He went on to win the Rookie of the Year Award and even made his first All Star Game appearance.

6 years later, the Air Jordan 6 was debuted in 1990. Jordan led the Bulls to the victory over the Lakers during the 1990-1991 season. Michael also won the Finals MVP, his second league MVP, and his 5th scoring title. Each year a new Air Jordan sneaker was released all the way up to the year 2009 when the Air Jordan 23 was released. Every shoe also has some type of meaning to them; whether its for Jordan’s achievements or the sneaker’s design itself.



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