Flashback Friday: Baseball Players By Mohamad Hashash


With baseball season approaching, it would only be proper to flashback over the last two decades or so and remember some of the all around all-stars of that time period. Over the last 25 years, Major League Baseball has seen legends come and go. Hall of Famers were made every year.

With baseball, one can either be a phenomenal pitcher, hitter, or fielder. Flashing back to the 20th century, here are the best of the best in no particular order:

1. Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez
Starting out in 1991 as a Texas Ranger, Rodriguez was not only considered a great player from this period of time, but also as arguably the best catcher to ever play the game, as he was dominant at his position, raking in 7 Gold Gloves and an MVP in 1999.

2. Frank Thomas
One of the most feared bats of 1990s and 2000s, Frank Thomas was dubbed the “Big Hurt.” Thomas acquired three Silver Slugger Awards and two MVPs during his time in the MLB.

3. Cal Ripken Jr.
Considered one of the greatest shortstops to play the game, Ripken holds the record for most consecutive games played by a major leaguer. No one can deny the effect that this Gold Glover had on the game.

4. Derek Jeter
One of the most respected players in the MLB, Jeter held a consistent role at the plate and was a phenom at shortstop. Still playing presently, Jeter has been a part of 5 World Series championships with the Yankees.

5. Randy Johnson
Known as the “Big Unit,” the very tall lefty was an ace on the mound. Johnson was a major part in 2001 World Series winning DiamondBacks, as well as a constant All-Star throughout the 90s with the Mariners.

6. Ken Griffey Jr
“Junior” was unlike any other in the outfield, receiving 10 Gold Gloves. He was not a stranger at the plate either, as he was feared by most aces in the league, a recipient of seven Silver Slugger Awards.


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