Flashback Friday: 1990s Television by Mrs. Groff


The 1990s was a time of change.  Nelson Mandela was freed, the Hubble Telescope was launched into space, and the Soviet Union collapsed.  LA saw violent riots as the Rodney King verdict was reached.  The World Trade Center was bombed, and America watched as a respected athlete fled in a white Bronco down the highway as rumors began to swirl that he was wanted for murder.  Princess Diana died in a fiery car crash, and George W. Bush took office after a contentious race with Al Gore that ended in a recount of votes.

Among all of this turmoil, television was pumping out hit after hit, while other loved shows came to an end.

One of the most popular TV shows to come out of the 90s was Friends.  Centered around a group of 6 quirky friends who meet each other by chance in NYC, this comedy was never short on one-liners and hilarious circumstances.  The show ran for 10 years and launched the show’s actors into instafame, as all 6 actors went on to be in numerous successful films.  Arguably the biggest stars to come out of the show, Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, and Jennifer Aniston are staples in today’s film and television.  Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow have dabbled in other series, and David Schwimmer has found fame on the animated screen with his part as Melman in Madagascar.  Friends continues to run in syndication worldwide, 10 years after it’s series finale.

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Another huge show to hit the scene and set the stage for subsequent shows of the same genre was ER.  Actors George Clooney and Noah Wyle made women swoon and men run out to get Caesar-esque haircuts as the cast tackled medical mysteries every week.  America was smitten with the characters’ foray into love and medicine, and many other medical shows quickly emerged after ER called it quits in 2009.

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Although there were many great shows to come out of the 90s, one show that we sadly said goodbye to was The Cosby Show.  In 1992, the curtain fell on Dr. Huxtable (Bill Cosby) and his myriad of kids, many of which went on to have successful careers in show biz and other venues.  Bill Cosby continues to be a staple in American pop culture, with his cutting quips about American family life, fatherhood, and life in general.  We love you, Bill!

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I would like to thank the 1990s for all of the great TV that it cranked out.  I was in high school from 1994-1998, and watching shows like Friends brings me right back to those amazing times, and I still laugh every time I see Ross yelling “PI-VOT!” in that tight New York City stairwell as Rachael and Chandler struggle to cram his huge couch up the stairs.

What were some of your favorite TV shows to come out of the 1990s?  What did you love or love to hate about them?

Have a great weekend everyone!


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