Technology by Shantelle Guinto

When The Lance was first launched each of our staff members’ initial task was to interview certain teachers and some students on their opinions about the use of technology in NMHS, but what about outside of school?

When the lights went out during Hurricane Sandy for most New Milford residents, people’s main concern was charging up their cellular devices and computers. Local malls like Garden State Plaza were packed with people with no intention of shopping, but using the outlets or spending some time where it is not dark.

I personally think that it’s great that everyone is able to keep in touch, get work done more efficiently, connect with other people from the world, and kill boredom, however it seems to me we are getting a tad too dependent on it. It is completely understandable that people felt inconvenienced by the lack of heat and light, but the amount of tweets I read regarding people being paranoid that their precious cell phone’s battery life wouldn’t last long was ridiculous.

It’s no secret that technology has been advancing drastically and at a fast pace. I, myself, spend a fair share of time online, whether it be blogging, social networking, or reading. Even our own newspaper is digital for crying out loud. In a way, it disappoints me that printed journalism and even printed reading books are dying out and are on the verge of extinction. Today, sure it’s a few cell phones that we’re worried about during the time of a hurricane, but what about years from now? How dependent can one civilization get on technology? It’s definitely something that I’m both looking forward and dreading to see, but I guess as society changes, our only option is to adjust ourselves.    


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