Where are they now? Xavier Hernandez by Nicholas Gallo


Xavier Hernandez is currently a senior at New Milford High School. He was a part of the The Lance  team from 2012-2013.

“Everyday I miss writing for such a wonderful class and especially for The Lance. I would definitely continue to write some really good movie and sports reviews,” stated Hernandez.

Hernandez is enjoying his last year of high school. He is playing Varsity Baseball for the Knights and is continuing to do well in school.

Hernandez plans on attending Bergen Community College in the fall of 2014. He hopes to receive a degree in criminal justice and then to transfer to a four year college after two years.

Where Are They Now? – Alysia Kane: By Amanda Krause


When I first joined The Lance staff back in September, I constantly visited the Staff Central section of the site to read past stories and get ideas of how the site was run. While the award-winning stories and staff of the 2012-13 school year were extremely impressive, one member of The Lance stood out.

Current NMHS sophomore Alysia Kane was a prominent member of last year’s staff of The Lance. Working both for the analytics team and later serving as the editor in chief, Kane was crucial to the success of the first year of the online newspaper.

Upon reading some of Alysia’s stories, I was immediately impressed by the quality work of such a young writer. While readers can easily see her natural talent in writing, Kane notes the hard work it took to reach her potential.

“In the beginning, Mrs. Groff literally had to push me out the door so I would go do interviews,” explains Kane of her first time interviewing people. “First I had to interview Mrs. Tambuscio, then Mr. Sheninger, and eventually Mr. Polizzi, so Mrs. Groff seriously had to push me out the door and close it behind me.”

While Kane’s first interviewing attempts clearly made her nervous, Kane is still thankful for the experience.

“[Interviewing people] definitely improved my skills to speak in front of people,” states Kane. “I’ve been more comfortable talking to people that I never usually talk to.”

Just as helpful as interviews to Kane was the actual writing of articles. Not only did she make great achievements in her Digital Journalism class, but Kane also found writing in all of her classes to be much easier.

“[Writing for The Lance] also helped with writing because it’s a different form of writing than say, creative or what not. I’m in Creative Writing now so I can kind of compare it.”

After seeing how much Kane enjoyed her time writing for The Lance, I was extremely curious to find out what her future plans for high school and college entail.

“I’m in stage crew, I’ve been in yearbook club since last year, and I’m in MSG Varsity,” states Kane of her current activities. “For hobbies, I love video games, so I’m constantly playing video games when I’m at home.”

Thankfully for readers of Kane’s work, Alysia fully intends on including journalism in her senior year/college plans.

“Senior year, I’m planning on taking Digital Journalism II,” states Kane. “[For college], I’m thinking of going into graphic design, or maybe photojournalism; More of those types of careers. That’s why I’m taking intro to Graphic Arts next year.”

As we can see, Alysia certainly has a lot on her plate. Between balancing three clubs, school work, and still finding time for her hobbies, it’s great to see so much motivation in such a young student. While it may be another year until Kane finally writes for The Lance once again, make sure to read her older stories, and continue to check back to The Lance to find out when she will return.

Where Are They Now?: Bayron Rodriguez By: Mohamad Hashash


At this time last year, Bayron Rodriguez was sitting in the same seat as I am today, writing and taking photos for New Milford High School’s “The Lance.” Since then, Rodriguez has graduated high school and has started working on his future.

In the fall, he will be attending Bergen Community College. Rodriguez is also currently working in retail.

Rodriguez gave some insight on his current life since leaving The Lance:

“I am no longer writing. As for photography, it is still my major hobby and passion. I enjoy it very much and I sometimes work as an assistant for a professional photographer. It is definitely my major interest.”

As for the further future, Rodriguez says:

“I just want my photos to be out there for everyone to see what I see when I take a picture. When it comes to an occupation, I do not like the idea of a boss, so I hope to have my own studio where I am in control of things.”

He was a hard worker for “The Lance,” and he is still a hard worker now, as Rodriguez’s future definitely looks bright. His writing days may be over, but his talent is not.

Flashback Friday: NMHS By Michaela Chu


Flashback back to NMHS in the 1990’s!

Hard to believe but at one point in time New Milford High School didn’t have any computers. Many computer rooms, like room 336 and 337, were just class rooms in the 90′s. Room 240 was always a computer lab and still to this day is.  It is one of 3.

Back in the 90’s NMHS did not provide their students with the charging stations we have today.

Today we are so used to having a phone in the classroom but every classrooms’ phone was connected back up to the speaker/clock. So everyone in the classroom would hear what you were talking about on the phone.

The cafeteria is still exactly the same. Same tables, same chairs, same stage, even the same food.

The Lance existed back then, except it was printed out on paper instead of being on the internet. Today everything that we have on the internet was on paper back in the 90′s! Crazy, right! Today who could imagine anything NOT being on the internet.

Today in some classes the teachers encourage students to use their smart phone. (Only for educational purposes.)

Online homework like study island didn’t exist. Who would LOVE to not have study island exist?!  I wish I was back in NMHS when Study Island wasn’t even thought of! That would be wonderful and less stressful for me.

Many things have changed, but have also stayed the same within the school. It’s still filled with great administrators and teachers that do great at their job! Along, with the killer school spirit that still lives within the high school!


Flashback Friday Toys by Lauren Guzman


Let’s get nostalgic here, anyone else remember Hit Clips? How about Moon ShoesEasy Bake Oven? Nowadays you can give a kid an iPad and they’ll sit there playing Angry Bird for hours. I remember the great toys from our generation. Flashing back to all the toys I had as a kid really brings back some crazy memories. Especially now that kids have traded up Nintendos for iPads. But lets just take a minute to go back in time for a minute. We are the kids of the ‘90s and ‘00s. Our life was simpler then and being amused meant skipping for endless hours on our driveways with Skip-It, or jumping around in our Moon Shoes, or baking tiny foods in our Easy Bake Ovens.

Seriously, how amazing were the toys? I remember I had a billion and one Furby’s. I remember my “iPod” being in the shape of a small radio with clips of popular songs (yes, I’m talking about Hit Clips). But c’mon we can’t forget the Spice Girls Barbies, or the Gak. OMG! Wait! Remember Tamagotchi’s? So many memories are flushing back into my mind. I remember trading Pokemon cards for candy in my school playground. Is that enough nostalgia for you?

I think I can name a few more memorable toys that sculpted our generation. Does anyone else remember twisting and pulling and tapping a Bop It with friends? The anticipation of turning and smashing all the knobs before the timer ran out?  Holy sh**! What about Plastic Balloons? Of course, I was never able to blow one up without it tearing first, but they were still a fun time!

Socker Boppers. Need I say more? All the fun of beating your sibling up without actually leaving any bruises as evidence (my personal favorite), but nothing beats the Slip N’ Slide. Inviting my friends over during the summer to play with my Slip N’ Slide was definitely a memory I won’t ever forget. These were all the best toys of my childhood, and hopefully they brought you back to simpler times as a kid with some pretty awesome toys. Til next time!

Flashback Friday Fashion By: Jelani Rogers

Going back in time for the 90's!

JuiceSaved By The BellFresh Prince of Bel – AirMartinFriends. All of which are favorites of all 90’s kids! The 90’s was a great time for music with huge artist in all genres of music! There were plenty of trends in the 90’s especially in fashion. The trends in fashion vary from wearing raiders hats, to wearing overalls with the straps down or neon windbreakers. It all just varies with the time over the 90’s.

Shoes for this era that were big came out of the wood works was definitely combat boot, and whether you can believe it or not striped sweaters! Striped sweaters such as ones from when Nightmare on Elm Street that Freddy Krueger wore! Another crazy trend that came out was the bleach blonde hair, and long hair.

Now why bleach blonde hair? I have no idea, you had the famous Cisqo and Justin Timberlake rocking these hairstyles that at the time were actually awesome to have, but for some odd reason has made its way to the 2000’s with Chris Brown debuting his blonde hair in 2011. All white kids grew their hair out during the time Headbangers Ball was out on MTV, and grew it out to rock out in the mosh pits! And those mosh pits are pretty insane with kids all jumping around and throwing punches going crazy, so I wonder if the long hair was actually a good idea.

Chris Brown with his blonde hair.
Chris Brown with his blonde hair.

As for when we wear blazers, we usually dress it up with either a nice blouse or button down underneath it but in the 90’s it was big baggy suits with a black or solid tee underneath the blazer. Fashion statement or not? I’d like to think it wasn’t but during this time it was a huge hit.

Tanks as well became a craze in the 90’s due to Saved By The Bell’s hottie A.C Slater, also known as Mario Lopez and showing off his nice guns in these nice muscle shirts.

A.C Slater wearing his tank top, showing off his nice guns.
A.C Slater wearing his tank top, showing off his nice guns.

This may seem out of the sorts but one of the big trends during this time were body piercings. Piercings such as belly buttons, and many other places you could poke a needle through people definitely tried. And another trend for the younger 90’s kids were lunchboxes. I had a little pink lunchbox that I was in love with even though I barely ate lunch from home, I tried that but it always failed because I was too lazy to make sandwiches, but I was never lazy for my fruit snacks.

One of my least favorite things to wear that were popular were turtlenecks. They were also so uncomfortable, and were so itchy. I could only take this pain for so long, I will never forget the day I wore a bright pink one with a star planted in the middle with all these sequins. Smh. By far one of my fashion disasters. However, a personal favorite of mine was wearing bucket hats who was made popular by LL Cool J and Jam Master Jay who were both legends way before my time and made them popular during the 80’s. The bucket hats came back because of artists Rakim, Ghostface Killah and Damon Dash.

Big fashion that rose was Coogi, and Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy Hilfiger for one was huge because of the late Aaliyah who rocked the two piece Hilfiger outfit, and also for all the guys they wanted to look like the late Grand Puba, or Puff Daddy also known after his seventh hundreth time of changing his name over the years Diddy. What topped it off though was the rise of Ralph Lauren with adding their Polo Bear collection and their Sports collection! To which the Polo bear collection is my favorite and is definitely a classic. The American Flag logo because just as recognized to what brand you were sporting just as the horse.

Notorious B.I.G rocking his Coogi sweater.
Notorious B.I.G rocking his Coogi sweater.

To top off this era the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) Michael Jordan. The man of the hour! The man who won 6 championships, and to this day is still one of best. Created his sneaker Air Jordans which are one of the most popular shoes and sell out every year with top selling numbers and to which are my favorite sneakers. Even though I may not have every pair, I could definitely name a good amount of his sneakers.

This era was an era of ups and downs with fashion and trends! However, it was huge mark just as any other era throughout the years and has had trends that still out to this day!

Flashback Friday: Soccer Uniforms By Anthony Zurita


A flashback to soccer jerseys can be very interesting. There are hardly any soccer jerseys from the 1990s that are appealing to the eye. In fact, it’s more like you wonder why anyone would design this, let alone make it the uniform for their team. If I could describe 1990s soccer jerseys in a few sentences, I would say that designers tried to fit as many different colors on one jersey as they could.

In 1995, FC Barcelona had one of the worst football jerseys I’ve ever seen. It features a thick light and dark blue lines in no particular order or seemingly logical design, and has bits of red here and there. I have absolutely no clue what was going on there.


In 1990, The Australian national soccer team had jerseys that featured bits of orange, green, and yellow. It is understandable that the designers were going for a palm or leaf design, but it is also understandable that it looks like it is an abstract drawing done by a 6 year old. australia-home-shirt-1991-s_2081_1

Now those previously mentioned jerseys were pretty awful but I must say that the VFL Bochum jersey of 1997 wins the grand prize as most hideous jersey of the 1990s. I understand many others had poor designs and color combinations, but this jersey is one of the most confusing and terrifying things I have ever see. The jersey is half blue, and half rainbow. That’s right, rainbow. It starts at the shoulder with red and ends around the stomach with purple like any other rainbow. But then the rest of the space is white. So it would be more accurate to say that the the jersey is one half blue, one quarter rainbow, and one quarter white. The proportions don’t really matter, this jersey is an absolute disaster.


To all soccer fans, life may be tough, but at least the world’s players do not wear the unsightly jerseys they wore in the 90s.

To see more hideous jerseys not just from the 90s, check this out: http://www.shortlist.com/style/wardrobe/50-worst-football-kits-ever#gallery-item-8